Janice Willer

Janice Willer has held the position as CPC’s Director of the Memorial Garden and Church Gardener for 27 years.

Hometown: Victor, NY

Family: I was married for 35 years to William C. Willer. He has a daughter Laurie and her husband David Eaton and their son Chad, and wife Victoria. I am also one of 9 children; my parents are Wesley and Evelyn Kujawski.

College/degree(s): AS degree in Interior Design

Best vacation ever: When we went to Paris and Germany.

Favorite movie/play/musical: Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain and White Christmas.

What’s on your ipod: Nat King Cole “Mona Lisa” & Leeann Womack “I hope you Dance” .

Guilty pleasure: Dark chocolate and almonds

Favorite way to spend a free hour: Baking or crafts

Favorite way to spend a free day: Hiking or spending it outside

Favorite food/restaurant: Seafood/Italian

Favorite place in the world: Myrtle Beach/the ocean

High point of your life so far: Time I get to spend with my friends and family.

#1 on your bucket list: Trip to the west coast some day and Alaska

Janice was on the committees that developed both the Memorial Garden and The Field of Dreams. Both of these projects have won awards.

Janice is also part of the Facilities Commission, coffee hour “sculling ladies”, Memorials Commission, Flower Committee, the church supply buyer, recycling organizer and Mrs. Clean (Kitchen organizer).