Gretchen Roth

Hometown: Grew up in Pittsford NY. Lived in Geneseo for 13 years

Family: Ken (Husband), Sarah (Step-daughter), Aiden (step-grandson), Hannah (daughter), Ethan (Son)

College: Studied history at University of Rochester

Best Vacation: Kiawah, SC with family

Favorite Move/Play: Les Miserables

Whats on my ipod: Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and Bob Dylan

Guilty Pleasure: Yoga

Favorite way to spend a free hour: Coffee with friends

Favorite way to spend a free day: Hiking or kayaking with my kids

Favorite sport/team: Pittsburgh Steelers, or any team my son Ethan is playing for

Favorite food/Restaurant: Thai or Indian

Favorite place in the world: The Adirondacks

Gretchen would also like us to know that:
She was a professional chef for many years pre children. Now she is a teaching assistant in a Special Education classroom at Geneseo Elementary. She loves working with youth of all ages because of their unique perspective and outlook and their incredible energy. They teach her something new every day!