Donations FAQs

What are the advantages of electronic giving?

Electronic giving is all about convenience for you, and consistency for the church.  It eliminates frequent check writing and helps members stay on track with pledges even when they are unable to attend services.  The church benefits from consistent donations and a reduction in the volume of check/cash contributions that must be handled and manually processed.

How do I sign up for electronic giving?

To sign up, click on the donate button on the church web site.  Read the introduction, then click on Give Now.  A secure login enables you to schedule your donation, view your giving history, and print a confirmation.

Is electronic giving safe?

It is less risky than writing checks or carrying cash.  To process electronic donations, we use Vanco Payment Solutions – a highly-regarded company that securely processes contributions for more than 15,000 churches and nonprofit organizations.

Do I receive proof of my donation?

Setting up your account will enable sending your receipt.  You can also access your account 24/7 by logging into your profile from the online giving page.

How and when does a donation move from my bank account to the church?

Donations from a bank account are transferred to the church’s bank account on the same day using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.  For donations made by credit and debit card, money is electronically deposited into the church’s bank account within 2-4 business days.