Geneseo Summer Festival

Each year in mid-July the Geneseo Rotary Club sponsors a 2-1/2 day weekend festival in the Village Park and along Main Street. Street merchants take to the sidewalks to display their most colorful merchandise at attractive prices. The village park is filled with crafters booths, a stage hosts nearly continuous music by local groups, and churches set up food tents. The reason that we highlight the festival is not only because of our intense involvement but also the fact that it provides a significant source of income for us.

We have been a participant in the Festival since its beginning. Our ‘Ye Olde Presbyterian Grille’ is known far and wide as the place to buy a juicy hamburger, a hot dog, Italian sausage (with onions and peppers), portabella mushroom or chicken sandwich and a variety of soft drinks.  Our food tent is open both full days and is one of our major annual fundraisers. Virtually every member of the congregation takes a turn at cooking, serving, or cashiering and this event provides a great opportunity for fellowship.

As well-known as the ‘Grille” is, the highlight of Friday dinnertime is our famous chicken barbecue. The grand smell of chicken, baked beans and coleslaw bring crowds of hungry festival-goers. The familiar words “the line forms back here” and “it’ll only be a ten minute wait” are heard throughout the park.

The overwhelming success of the barbecue has prompted us to offer chicken barbecues at other times of the year, a fact that has not gone unnoticed. As someone observed, the initials CPC not only stand for Central Presbyterian Church but also for the church of perpetual chicken.

Closing the festival on Sunday morning, is an ecumenical church service with participating main line churches taking an active part in the service.

We invite you and your neighbors to join with us and become a part of this memorable event.